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It’s been a bit overdue but thought you would like to know how I’m going.


It’s been busy times but ones without a dart for the heart in between my fingers.


I just wanted to write and say that I have not had one cigarette since our ONE session back in September 2019.   Please feel free to share if you wish.


As you are aware I like many others work in construction.

The hours are long and shifts are variable.

Most of the working day you are surrounded by others that smoke and or vape from either friends and people that work with or around you.

I started smoking occasionally only when drinking approximately 4 years ago.

Over a period of time the smoking takes over, If it’s not at 03:30am on an early shift it would be throughout the day and night.

I started the need to buy more and more packets due to the amount being offered/borrowed from socially smoking others to pay my debt and to give in to the fix.

I’ve seen the Non-smoking adverts, but I still carried on.

I’ve seen the scientific effects with the tar and the damage it does to my lungs, but my mind wasn’t strong enough to break the habit.

Breathing became more difficult at night and during exercise.

With smoky smells on my breathe, in my clothes and coming out of my pores this made hiding the lie of smoking to my children and wife become more difficult.

Some maybe able to stop by pure will and determination and others may need a little more help.


I’m very Happy I asked for help, I’m back to regular fitness,

I’m constantly in many situations where cigarettes are offered but now refused.

My lungs are NO longer wheezing when laying down to sleep therefore getting a better night sleep all round.


Thank you Terry for your help and professionalism.

I won’t hesitate to recommend your skills in hypnotherapy and urge anyone that is battling addiction to seek help or advice when they’re ready.  

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