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What is our approach to therapy?

Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?: FAQ

Our approach is to use a three step process:

  1. Firstly we show you how to connect with the deeper aspects of mind using guided relaxation techniques (which are beneficial in their own right). 

  2. Then we use the guidance of your subconscious and superconscious minds to determine how hidden subconscious programs may be negatively influencing or limiting you. 

  3. Finally using the power or your deeper levels of mind, we help you to release or reprogram these subconscious influences in ways that best support you. 

The above processes mirror the natural state of how our 'wiser mind' is always trying to help us grow and learn, but we tend to ignore its beneficial messages.  Often we even state "I knew I should have done that but I didn't listen to myself".   Sometimes the messages may surface in the form of recurring dreams or even nightmares.  So called 'Accidents' or 'misfortunes' are often life's way of drawing our attention to underlying issues we need to resolve.  By focusing on the content of these beneficial ‘subconscious’ messages you can gain important insight and achieve lasting positive benefits.

The bottom line of our approach is that we use the inner powers that you already possess and provide you with the tools you need to program yourself for success in life.

Self Development & Healing Process

Transitioning from Subconscious Conflict to Life Mastery
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